Interactive exhibition – “The beauty of fractals – Mathematical imagination in comparison with art and nature”

Geometric harmonies, mathematical repetitions, bright tones and flights of fantasy: fractals offer an unusual meeting between mathematics and imagination, able to describe the objects of nature. Lose yourself in this space, where videos and large prints allow you to admire artworks by some of the most famous fractal artists of the world (from the U.S. to China), while multimedia workstations and workshop activities reveal the secrets of these amazing shapes. Explore the repetitions and the geometric dimensions that trigger these creations … simply by folding a sheet of paper or covering objects with plastic discs. Once you have grasped the mathematics of fractals, thanks to the available computers you can try yourself to build one of them: choose the initial curve, change it, transform it and, playing with the most popular fractals, discover where their fantastic colors come from. The Koch snowflake, the Mandelbrot and Julia sets, the dragon curve: between art, medicine and computer science, fractals are anything but a simple numerical pastime!